Elsword: Fiery Song and Video Contest to Set October Alight

Title song for coming TV campaign serves as kindling for competition with prizes worth over EUR 20,000.

Sidescrolling MMO Elsword will soon be present on television in a targeted advertising campaign. As part of this, Karlsruhe publisher Gameforge has created a theme song, titled ‘Playing with Fire’.
Prior to the release of the associated TV ad, Gameforge is launching an international competition on 15th of October, which is set to run until 30th November 2015. The contest will have prizes, which together total around EUR 20,000.

The full contest requirements and materials for use, including song texts, graphics and sound files, can be viewed or downloaded from http://elsword.co.uk/contest.



Creative choices for eyes and ears: the Elsword Cover and Elsword Video Contests
The contest is separated into two categories: the Elsword Cover and Elsword Video contests. Musically gifted participants can opt for the former and submit their own remix, instrumental version, playback or choreography of the song. In the Elsword Video division, submissions should aim to make use of game scenes and the title track to make a video and perhaps even tell a story within the game world.

In these contest types, Product Director Ji-Yoon Park has expects great things of the video artists. ‘I’ve been observant to the panache of our Elsword community for years, as they have passionately drawn fan artwork and mangas, or even written entire novels around the backdrop of Elsword. Cosplayers too, who have breathed real life into our digital characters, leave me stunned as to their commitment and abilities. The Elsword contest is just one more opportunity for our terrific community to show off their creativity’.

Play with Fire: Contest Procedure
Entries in both categories can be submitted from 15th to 30th October at http://elsword.co.uk/contest where they will then be voted for during this period by the community. It is important that all submissions contain the hashtag #elswordcontest in their video title. The ten best-rated videos in a category will then be put before the critical eyes of an international jury from 1st to 7th December 2015. Along with Product Director for Elsword, Ji-Yoon Park, this comprises of YouTubers and media representatives from the Anime and gaming industries. The winners will be announced on 15th December 2015.

The ten top places can look forward to a share of the prizes, totaling over EUR 20,000, including a trip to South Korea worth EUR 6,000 for the winners of each category. All voters and participating persons will also receive a guaranteed in-game coupon as a thank you for taking part as well as the chance of more prizes, including ROCCAT computer hardware.

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