Dungeon Defenders II Officially Launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Cooperative action-tower defence RPG arrives on Xbox One for the very first time

Independent game developer Trendy Entertainment has officially released the action-tower defence game Dungeon Defenders II as a free-to-play title on the PS4 through the PlayStation Store, Windows PC via Steam, and Xbox One, where it is available for the first time, through the Xbox Games Store.

Dungeon Defenders II is a fusion of some of the best aspects of tower defence games and RPGs, featuring classic elements like loot, pets, a variety of heroes to level up and more. Build defences to survive against progressively tougher waves of invaders, strategize with your teammates, then put it all into action while fighting enemies on the move. The game includes single-player and up-to-four-player online cooperative game modes, as well as two-player local splitscreen co-op on consoles.

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Developed through early access on PC and the PS, Dungeon Defenders II has evolved through over 60 game updates. These additions have introduced a story-based campaign, as well as tons of new heroes, weapons, defences, abilities, pets, enemies, bosses, maps, challenge options, cosmetic skins, and UI, progression, customization and social systems.

Trendy plans to continue supporting Dungeon Defenders II with new content, features and quality-of-life improvements post-release.

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