Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Available Now for Europe, Middle-East, Africa & Australasia

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe announced today that DRAGON BALL Z: EXTREME BUTODEN is now available in stores and via the Nintendo e-Shop!

Dragon Ball Z fighting returns with fast-paced, hard-hitting action in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden! Featuring over 100 characters (playable and supports) from the Dragon Ball Z universe, players can feel the destructive power of bone-crushing blows as they execute and chain together multi-hit combos. Command character specific move-sets and unleash epic Super Moves to deal devastating damage!

With several game modes such as Z-Story, Adventure Mode, Extreme World Tournament, Battle Mode, Versus Mode (offline Wireless) and Quest Mode, fans will spend dozens of hours duking it out and finding the right combo!

Those who are still thirsty for a good fight can take part in BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe’s grand brawl: “Twitter plays Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden”! The next character to be unlocked will be a playable and much-awaited one: SSGSS Goku!

“With Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden, we, at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, showed all the love we have for our dear fans by bringing this game to the west! We have been offering the legendary Super Butoden 2 as a pre-order gift. Last but not least, we worked hand-in-hand with Nintendo of Europe to release an exclusive and amazing New 3DS hard-bundle. Now let’s enjoy the game!” Hervé Hoerdt, VP of Marketing & Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

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