Discovering The Most Competitive TV Show Ever: The Off-Road Masters, Gravel’s New Career Mode

After the recent release of Gravel’s second Dev Diary, which unveiled all secrets behind the technical realisation of the Off-Road Masters, now it’s time to pull back the curtains, giving a preview of what to expect in Gravel Career Mode.

A simple formula for an explosive result: choose your path, improve your reputation, gain skills and beat the Off-Road Master in charge. The core of the Off-Road Master Show are the most evocative locations, all powerful cars and the fastest drivers, who will race to win over the reigning champions.

In order to master each episode of the Off-Road Masters TV Show, players will take part in a series of events which revolve around each discipline: the aim is to gain the first place in each event and beat the Master during the Special Event. The victory over the champion of each discipline will be necessary to make progress in the race towards the final title, facing the reigning Off-Road Master.

Racing in Stadium Circuits, players will try to defeat Scott Parker, the boss of this discipline, while Ryan Carter will be the number 1 enemy in Wild Rush’s events. The champion of Speed Cross discipline, James Watanabe, will do anything he can to prevent players from winning his title and pass to the next chapter, the Cross Countries, with Justin Evans as the rival to defeat.

After competing in Stadium Circuits, Wild Rush, Speed Cross and finally Cross Countries events, players will come to the ultimate, last chapter: the Final League against Sean Walker, the reigning Off-Road Master, who will give them a hard time!

Gravel will be released on February, 27th 2018 on PS4, Xbox One

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