Dark Souls III – New Multiplayer Screenshots and Info

Bandai Namco Entertainment have released some brand new screenshots are available for DARK SOULS III showing off the multiplayer elements of the game, along with magic.

Dark Souls 3 will see players take to an online experience via co-op and PvP play and the screenshots below reveal some of the new features the team have come up with to make what look like a promising positive experience. All screenshots are from a “Work in Progress” version.

Catch glimpses of other online players facing the same challenges and secrets lurking around every corner. Studying them may give you small hints of where to go and what to do next.

Now this does seem like a really cool feature. Bloodstains litter the ground and are the sign of another player’s death. Touching it will show you how the player died, providing clues of unseen dangers up ahead.

Blood MessageBloodMessageEN_RGB_1444817897
This seems like an extension of Bloodstain. Create messages on the ground to help or hinder player progress, the choice is up to you. Players can read messages left behind throughout the world and rate them “fine” or “foul”. Each time your message is rated your HP is half restored and the message remains in the world for a longer duration of time. Conversely, your message can earn a bad reputation with messages meant to trick other players.

Players can summon another player into their world for co-op gameplay. Here, two players are working together to take down the Dancer of the Frigid Valley.

The Dark Spirit of an online player invades another player’s game and introduces a dangerous enemy into their world.

Being Lord Of CinderBeingLoadOfCinder_RGB_1444817894
By using embers players can temporarily restore the power of the Lord of Cinder, increasing their HP and allowing players to summon white spirits.

Wandering KnightWanderingKnight_RGB_1444817918
The Wandering Knight wears conventianl metal armor and carries a straight sword and sheid. The “Ready Stance” skill of the straigt sword gives this weapon a lot of versatility for many combat situations.

Northern WarriorNorthernWarrior_RGB_1444817911
The aggressive Northern Warrior focuses on offense, opting for lighter equipment to give him faster reflexes than fully armored characters. He uses his “Warcry” skill increases the damge of his axe as he goes in for the kill.

Herald Of WhiteHeraldOfWhite_RGB_1444817907
The Herald of White can unleash the miracle known as “Lightling Spear”. The strength of the spear increases when it directly hits an enemy.

Academy AssassinAcademyAssassin_RGB_1444817892
The Acadamy Assassion casts the spell “Soul Arrow”. Basic spells such as the rapid fire “Soul Dart” and close combat “Greatsword” are also availble. A sorcerer’s staff can use the skill “Enhance Spell Power” which can increase the power of the selected spell for a short amount of time.

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