Curiscope Launches Operation Apex: a VR Marine Adventure, in Partnership with HTC Vive Studios

From the team that created one of the most viewed VR experiences of all time, discover the secrets of the marine world in VR with the highly anticipated release of Operation Apex.

Mixed reality specialist studio, Curiscope has launched their first VR game, Operation Apex; an accessible VR underwater exploration and adventure game developed in partnership with HTC Vive Studios. Operation Apex is a direct sequel to ‘Great White Sharks’, an experience that is now one of the most looked at Virtual Reality experiences of all time having received over 26m views to date.

Dive with the world’s leading marine biologists and take on the role of research assistant on a mission to find the largest Great White Shark ever seen! Revel in the beauty of the ocean world and discover all kinds of species as VR scientists work their way up the food chain edging closer to the mighty Great White. By collecting data from marine life on each VR expedition, players will reveal the impact humans are having on the ocean’s delicate ecosystem.

Operation Apex has been created with advice and guidance from some of the world’s leading ocean scientists including Oceans Research, a leading research and conservation organisation based in South Africa. Dr Enrico Gennari noted, “We often forget that actually, the best way to conserve is to have people caring about an issue, falling in love with a species, or even just changing perspective about it. I immediately loved the idea of being able to contribute to this project, as I saw a tool to reach a large audience, using a game to teach about the marine environment and the importance of every creature in it.”

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Curiscope was founded on the belief that Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies offer a unique way to connect more closely with the world around us. The world’s oceans will, by 2050, contain more plastic than fish by mass (1), and there has never been a more important time to connect us to this foreign environment.

Ben Kidd, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Curiscope said, “As we all begin to come to terms with how deep our activity on land is impacting the ocean, we’re offering you awe and wonder along with some uncomfortable truths. We are all really excited to invite you underwater, for an adventure. To explore and discover the wonder of our oceans and its inhabitants ‘first hand’. Unlock the secrets we’ve hidden, witness the light and the darkness of the ocean for yourself, and go away with a deeper sense of connection between the land and the sea.”

Chris Chin, Executive Producer at Vive Studios added, “For the first time, people of all ages are able to interact and engage in close encounters with the magnificent and often misunderstood shark species…without any concerns. We’re excited to partner with Curiscope to launch this stunning VR experience in time for the Holidays. From discovering the impact on our ocean ecosystem to ‘swimming with the sharks’, Apex offers a truly unique, fun learning VR adventure for the whole family — and it will leave you with a newfound appreciation of our precious seas.”

Operation Apex will be available for purchase through Steam and Viveport now. It will initially be compatible with the HTC Vive and will retail at £15.49 / $19.99 / €19.99

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