Combat Arms Puts Players in Grave Danger

New map, inventory tweaks and bonus EXP coming 17th February

Listen up, and listen good, on 17th February, Combat Arms is gonna receive a new map – Heir of the Tomb.

When a gang boss from the most powerful gang died, the gang divided into two separate factions in a fight for succession. We’re currently locked in a power struggle with the other half. The good news is Joe and the boys were payin’ their respects at the boss’ tomb and would ya believe it, it’s loaded full of gold. Load up your guns, because we’re heading out to take it all back. We get the gold, we get the power, and the gang is ours.

To ensure players have enough room for all the gold they manage to get their mitts on, the latest update increases the inventory limit and includes tweaks to the UI. Additionally, those players that choose to take up arms at the Heir of the Tomb map will earn themselves a 100% boost to EXP and GP until 2nd March.

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