Chaos Chronicles Introduces New Content; Heroes, Items and Events

Nexon unleashes a flurry of updates for vibrant and action-filled 2D mobile role-playing game

NEXON Korea Corporation, subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO), a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games, is today thrilled to reveal several updates implemented for fan-favourite, 2D mobile role-playing title, Chaos Chronicle.

In addition to the epic battles, colourful characters and an engrossing storyline, Chaos Chronicle introduces two new heroes, Pirellio and Xiao Chan, functional items for enhancing equipment and accessories, and pizza pieces mission. Further details on these latest updates plus more include…

  • Two New Heroes, Pirellio and Xiao Chan: The Grand Sage of Wind who controls the Celestial Wind, Pirellio, uses his skills in battle, causing all Demons to shudder in fear after witnessing his powers. After eventually driving away most of the Demons from Heaven along with the other disciples, Pirellio earned the title of ‘Ruler of the Wind’.

Xiao Chan is a highly skilled Martial Artist with incredible combat skills who came from across the eastern ocean, so much so that she was appointed commander-in-chief and given the title of ‘Continental Gloves’.

  • Increased Chances of Hiring New Heroes Event: Purchasing the Hero Contract will increase chances of hiring Pirellio and Xiao Chan in the shop before June 29th. Be the first to acquire the new hero with this opportunity.
  • New Elite Equipment for Hero ‘Xiao Chan’: Enhance the powerful martial artist as you acquire the new exclusive elite equipment for Xiao Chan.
  • Collect Pizza Pieces & Log-in Event: Complete the pizza piece mission every day, and complete the whole pie to earn rewards such as 6 Star Hero Contract, 5/6 Star Elite Equipment Box, Rank-up Stone, 50,000 Gold, Subjugation Ticket, and Stamina 3 times a day until July 12th.

In addition, log-in every day to get 6 Star 2 times Transcended Max Enhanced Level Hero Contract, a total of 800 Rubies, and Grade 4 Fine Special Rune.

  • Special Summon Hero Change: Biretta, the hero of Crimson Flame, and Juliana, the Raid Legion Commander will be accessible. A special summon will allow players to access heroes of over 4 Stars, Special Equipment, and Elite Equipment.
  • Special Refining Stone & Accessory Enhancement Stone Update: Refining Stone, used for upgrading equipment, makes a comeback as a Special Refining Stone with higher quality than before.

Accessory Enhancement Stone, used for upgrading equipment with convenience, will be updated. It is a functional item used to make equipment upgrading simpler.

Chaos Chronicle is now available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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