Bubble Genius Gets Festive with 20 Cool New Levels in Alpine Peaks

Winter has arrived in Bubble Genius, and Penny’s wrapping up warm in her new festive outfit.

Explore 20 cool new levels – taking Bubble Genius to 140 levels – throughout the frozen Alpine Peaks. Make use of a helpful new addition to the bubble pack which adds three more bubbles to the bubble-launcher when popped!

In Bubble Genius, help Penny, a genius inventor, as she tries to stop the evil scientist Vee, who is envious of Penny’s talent. Vee has stolen Penny’s latest invention, a bubble generator, and she’s using it to wreak havoc! She’s trapping the town and its populace in giant bubbles!

Fortunately, Penny has no shortage of other gadgets to help her defend the town. She can pop Vee’s bubbles with her E-Z Zap lightning bolt, shake them loose with her Quick Quake, or choose from one of her many other clever contraptions. Penny’s cutest creation, her pet Gizmo the robo-cat, is always ready to offer encouragement.

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