Azubu Launches New Full HD Player: Everest

Leading eSports-focused Broadcaster Scales New Heights in Online Streaming Standards with Flash-free HD 1080p / 60 fps Media Player

Azubu, the global broadcasting platform with a dedicated focus on eSports and the people that love the eSports lifestyle, today launches an all new online media player, code named Everest. Now eSports fans can catch their favorite eSports broadcasters and Azubu streams in up to Full HD at 60 fps resolution across multiple platforms. In addition, Azubu understands that viewers want the ability to watch multiple streams at the same time, and Everest’s peak performance, which draws up to 80% less CPU power than previous Azubu players, makes this possible without missing a frame of quality.

The new, greatly optimized Everest player is designed with HTML 5 in mind. Capable of 60 fps, handling up to 4K content, and built as a Flash-free player, Everest offers a multitude of new features to enhance the eSports streaming experience for viewers, broadcasters and brands. Plus, our live DVR feature also enables viewers to easily rewind or record live broadcasts, making Azubu’s new media player the pinnacle of the eSports viewing experience.

“In the past, broadcasting live video across multiple platforms while maintaining high resolution and frame rate consistency has been a serious challenge. We set out to tackle this issue, as well as add many other features and enhancements to our new player,” said Reed Anderson, chief technology officer at Azubu. “With Everest, I’m thrilled to say we’ve developed the most advanced eSports video player in the world, giving broadcasters the tools to be both creative and optimize monetization, and viewers the most robust player available, completely tailored to the eSports streaming experience.”

Another unique aspect of Everest is how friendly the user interface is to broadcasters and brands, with customizable clickable overlays that allow premium users to direct active viewers to other pages, including non-Azubu landing pages and sites. Because it is Flash-free, Azubu’s new player offers additional mobile browser support on Safari, Android Web, and Chrome for Android.

Everest’s key features include:

  • “Flashless” HTML 5 player
  • 4K playback capability
  • Full HD streaming with consistent frame-rate (1080p / 60 fps)
  • Live DVR
  • Broadcaster controlled clickable overlays
  • Pre-roll and live mid-roll support
  • Ad-free viewing for subscribers

For more in-depth details on Everest’s features, please visit Azubu’s blogpost about the new player:

This is just the latest enhancement to the Azubu streaming platform. Earlier in the year Azubu launched their interactive stats module which four million users interact with each month.

Additional features found on the Azubu platform include:

  • Stats modules
  • WYSWIG page editor
  • Multi-language chat
  • In-page Twitter integration
  • Customizable broadcaster modules

More information about Azubu can be found at:

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