Announcing The Worldwide Release of Music Puzzle

A new musical game genre on mobile phones and tablets

Tagwizz, a videogame studio founded by Adrien Gimate – a veteran of the mobile gaming industry- is proud to announce the release of the musical game series Music Puzzle which is out now.

Music Puzzle is a game where the player has to rebuild musical tracks from various parts with voices and various instruments: guitars, drums, keyboards, and even unusual ones such as congas and the tambourine. The player has to listen to the various parts and sort them in the right order. There is always the option to listen to the original song to review the progress.

The catalogue of songs features iconic tunes from famous international artists, including James Blunt, Star Sailor, The Pointer Sisters, Beethoven an more.
In order to succeed, the player will need to use their ears and improve their musical sensibility. Different game modes and challenges will provide hours of gameplay with iconic songs.

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The first songs available for the release are :

  • James Blunt – You’re beautiful – 15 puzzles – Difficulty: Intermediate
  • The Pointer Sisters – I’m so excited – 15 puzzles – Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Starsailor – Four to the Floor – 14 puzzles – Difficulty: Intermediate

To learn more about Music Puzzle, please visit the official website at

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