AION Free-To-Play: Update 4.8 Comes To Europe

‘Wind of Fate’ brings two new continents and a new instance | Territorial battles challenge legions.

Version 4.8 of popular fantasy MMO AION Free-to-Play is now available on all European language variants. In the ‘Wind of Fate’ update, players get to see the results of a drastic change to the world of Atreia. The destructive rage of Balaur Lord Beritra has made a victim of the regions of Katalam, Sarpan and Tiamaranta whilst the two new zones Vengar and Signia have risen out of the depths of the ocean. The villain is also the final boss for the coming 12 player instance, Makarna. On top of this, players can look forward to exciting territorial battles between legions and also a reworking of the user interface and class skills.

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