A Crucial Member of the Phantom Thieves is Unmasked in the Lasted Persona 5 Trailer

Today a crucial member of the Phantom Thieves is unmasked!

Futaba Sakura is a genius 15 year-old girl with otherworldly calculation and programming skills. Her interpersonal communication is extremely poor though, so she’s lives life as a shut-in with limited to no human interaction. However, she holds a strong interest in the Phantom Thieves and uses an unexpected method to contact them.

Futaba’s persona, Necronomicon, was named after a legendary grimoire of knowledge and technology. It takes on the appearance of a UFO, and seems to be a sign of Futaba’s hidden power

Furthermore, voice Actress Erica Lindbeck joins ATLUS PR Manager John Hardin to discuss her history with the Persona series, and the challenges of playing Futaba Sakura!”

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